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Bethune DB25 Imperial Fountain

Independent Swiss watch brand De Bethune has just introduced the De Bethune DB25 Imperial Fountain. A set of twelve exceptional timepieces whose solid gold dials are decorated with symbols of the Chinese zodiac animals carved by hand a free interpretation of the heads of bronze around the fountain in the old Summer Palace, located in the garden of the Yuanming Yuan near Peking (Beijing) in China. Sumptuous.

Around the ninth underworld Maya special series and strong wealth of accomplishment of such creative work, De Béthune has presented, in the form of sets of twelve pieces of art, the DB25 Imperial Fountain.

The dials of these twelve solid Gold timepieces are decorated with symbols of animals of the Chinese zodiac engraved by hand on a free Replica Designer Handbags interpretation of the heads of bronze surrounding the fountain of the old Summer Palace, located in the garden of the Yuanming Yuan near Peking (Beijing) in China.

Each of the Central carvings made by artist Michèle Rothen, representing a bas-relief of one of the twelve animal heads (snake, monkey, pig, rat, Tiger, etc.), is decorated by email bonfire prepared according to the delicate technique and precise of the translucent enamel on carved reliefs.

For not losing sight of this carved colorful décor, the flame-blued steel thin needles roam the outskirts of the dial. A circumferential view mechanism - which necessitated the design by engineers and watchmakers of the Manufacture of the new calibre DB2145 - frees up the center of the dial of any indication. Leaving the field open to the artist.

Functions hours and minutes and brought on the outskirts have demanded the development of perfectly balanced micro as well as the development of a profile of gearing specific to the level of the transmission of supporting drives needles.

".. switched was, in a corner of the world, a wonder of the world; This wonder called the summer palace. Art has two principles, the idea that produces European art, and the chimera which produces oriental art. The summer palace was to chimerical art what the Parthenon is the ideal art. All that can give birth to the imagination of a nearly extra-humain people was there. It was not, as the Parthenon, a work rare and unique; It was a kind of enormous model of the chimera, if the chimera can have a model... "Extract from the letter to Captain Butler - Victor Hugo - Hauteville House, November 25, 1861

Complex combination of sculpture, hydraulic technique and Chinese and European aesthetics, the fountain, situated in the garden of the Yuanming "Perfect clarity" built in the 18th century by Italian and french Jesuits helped artisans Chinese (for the Chinese emperor Qianlong), was in fact a clepsydra of great historical value. Placed in an arc, twelve heads in bronze depicting the animals of the Chinese zodiac spit water toward the center of the fountain and take turns to the rhythm of their zodiacal hours.

Revolts, looting and devastation have made the State of ruin the Yuanming Yuan where only 7 of the 12 zodiac animal heads have been found. These sculptures, powerful symbols for the Chinese, subject of many debates both in China that in the world Replica Watches Australia. Recently, the provocative artist Ai Wei Wei has reinterpreted a major public sculpture project, Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads, the heads of animals representing the traditional zodiac Chinese that adorned the famous fountain - an internationally acclaimed approach.

In 2014, Jaquet Droz reinterprets the GMT function in a very poetic way on its famous great hour model. Indeed, this famous timepiece, well known to lovers of watches for its reading of the time over 24 hours with mono-aiguille retains this principle, but with a capable mono-aiguille from split to indicate a second zone time when you cross the planet.

This model unpublished (43 mm red gold), adapted to the requirements of nonchalant Globetrotters, allows to read the time in two time zones in a poetic since way relatively little says.

But in this case no matter the precision and accuracy. This is the concept of time which passes which premium... Thus, 24 indexes in Arabic numerals around the Grand Feu enamelled dial to grasp at a glance all times a day on two cities. It is probably the first time that the GMT (dual time) function is displayed this way on a Replicas de Relojes.

A novelty magnified by the presence of two needle-shaped Compass: the needle in red gold indicates the local time, and that Steel Blued, the hour of the country of destination. This watch is equipped with an automatic calibre of a comfortable 68-hour power reserve.

"By making the bold choice of a unique system of adjustment by means of a single Crown, Jaquet Droz has managed the bet of simplicity and ease of use of the great hour GMT" finds the mark in its release.
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